A Year in Review

As I prepared myself for celebrating my 56th birthday today, I spent some time thinking about all that I accomplished during my 55th year. in the past year I:

  •        Completed the manuscript for The Best Girl
  •        Taught myself how to create a website, then established an author website and Facebook page
  •        Wrote and published 24 blog posts
  •        Read everything I could to learn how to bring The Best Girl to bookstores
  •        Created a proposal to submit to agents and publishers – then customized it to 45 customized proposals to agents and publishers
    • Received 16 rejections, 3 possibly interested (the other 29 did not respond)
  •        Secured a publisher: Koehler Publishing - current publishing date is 4/1/2018
  •        Presented at the Domestic Violence Symposium hosted by the Universalist Women’s group
  •        Hosted two An Evening with the Author Events to bring awareness to domestic violence and The Best Girl
  •        Reconnected with my junior high writing teacher, as well as childhood friends from New Brighton
  •        Established the business entity Joan Hicks Boone, LLC
  •        Survived my first media interview with John Gessner of the Burnsville SunCurrent
  •        Submitted a proposal to teach a class at The Loft Literary Center: Writing to Heal (not accepted)
  •        Submitted a proposal to present at the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Annual Meeting: Domestic Violence: Consider the Child (pending)
  • Started working on my second book, a continuation of The Best Girl; my College of St. Teresa alumnae will understand the title: The Choicemaker
  •        Submitted an essay on homelessness to six literary journals hosting writing contests (all pending)
  •        Served as secretary of my local NOW Chapter: MN Valley NOW
  •        Attended my first caucus, resulting in being elected Vice Chair of my precinct
  •        Celebrated my 33rd wedding anniversary with my husband, John
  •        Traveled with my husband to Seattle and Denver to visit our sons Tony (Nadia) and Greg (Danielle)
  •        After getting permission from our black lab Tehya, welcomed another black lab, Tesla, to our family
  •        Read approximately 50 books – a mix of fiction, nonfiction, publishing manuals and poetry
  •        Enjoyed many fun times with my friends, old and new, and family
  •        Worked part time as a receptionist at Cole’s Salon and Spa in Burnsville

And, people, I AM JUST GETTING STARTED! For those of you who have been following my progress, you know that I wrote my book to tell more than just my story. I speak for all women who experience violence, and all children who are witnesses to it. There is so much to do in the world of Violence Against Women – and people like Rob Porter, John Kelly and others just add more fuel to my fire. My dream is that our society will take a stand: violence against women will not be tolerated, or condoned, in any way. To that end, we must establish a true diagnosis and treatment plan for men who abuse while holding them accountable for their actions. Will it happen in my lifetime? I don’t know. But I will be able to say I tried.

I am beyond excited to hold a copy of The Best Girl in my hands, and I know many of you are as well. My plans for the book include having it adapted into a musical. In this dream, I want Brandi Carlile’s The Story, to be the overriding song. A girl can dream, right? For those of you who haven’t heard this song, please watch the video below. And, once you have read The Best Girl, watch it again. Then you will truly understand why this song has so much meaning for me.

Finally, on this, my 56th birthday, I am unveiling a brand new website! I am still amazed that I was able to teach myself, with a little help from my boys, how to create a website. I hope you enjoy it!

I can feel through the energy fields of the internet that each of you are trying to think of a good gift to give me for my birthday. :) How about another follower? Can you think of one person to tell about The Best Girl? Do it! And then, ask them to follow me on Facebook or connect with me via my website.

I am truly grateful for each of you. Now, off to celebrate!


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