Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The first step in learning is awareness. It is with knowledge that we can move on to change. It is my hope that by increasing others awareness of Domestic Violence and its affects on the family, change may happen.

The definition of Domestic Violence, also now as Intimate Partner Violence, is the willful intimidation, physical assault, battering, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. The abuse is part of a systematic pattern that consistently maintains power and control of the abuser over the victim. The majority of cases, by far, are man against woman. (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence,

Some things have changed since the '60's and 70's when our family was struggling to survive, other things haven't. Most states now have mandatory arrest laws in place that provide police officers with the ability to arrest the perpetrator if there is evidence of domestic abuse. The arrest will lead to a period of time in jail that is dependent on the severity of the abuse. When released, the majority are served with a no contact order - meaning the man is not to contact the woman by phone/e-mail/social media or in person. But - our society continues to struggle with enforcement of the order, leaving the woman completely vulnerable to the man's intent to maime or kill. 

At my Meet the Author event on October 3rd, I spoke of the statistics regarding deaths of women by Domestic Violence in Minnesota - just one of our fifty states. The vido of this portion of my presentation is below. 

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